Tathata Golf with Char Carson

I am certified with Tathata Golf as a Movement Specialist and a raving fan of their 60 Day Tathata Golf online training program - It really is golf training made simple with lasting success.  It has significantly improved my own game as well as made me a more effective teacher.

Have you ever hit a shot that felt effortless, smooth, sweet or just simply perfect and wondered what you did differently than some of those other shots?   The 60 day program simplifies how your body moves with balance and speed in the golf swing, includes stretching exercises specific to golf, covers short game, strength & mind training and more. 

Tathata golf training is different than traditional golf instruction by using martial arts disciplines to learn.  It is not just "tips or fixes" for the day.  What I love about it is that you learn in steps, each building upon the previous and you do not need to hit hundreds of golf balls to quickly improve and truly know how your body can move efficiently for golf. 

I offer Tathata Group Training Sessions and individual follow ups and welcome you to come train with me. Training Session details are posted on the Events Calendar.


As an on-line program, you can learn in your own home from a PC or tablet which may work great with your busy schedule, when you're on the road or when the weather is not golf friendly.

Save $10 off your subscription by using this link 60 Day Program  or by entering chargolf in the discount code field when you check out.  The annual membership is $199, ($189 using the chargolf discount), which is less than 2 buckets of balls per month!