You can think about it, talk about it, dream about it and train for it, but there is no experience comparable to actually DOING IT.   So, I mustered up the courage to do just that by entering into The Cactus Tour event at the Sundance Golf Club in Buckeye, AZ this past week.  

Edward Cole introduced me to The Cactus Tour and Tour Director, Mike Brown kindly welcomed me.  Mike Brown is special!   He pours his heart into this tour to give his “girls” (which is said with upmost respect) the best opportunity to pursue their playing career dreams.  Without Mike, the opportunities are limited.

The Cactus Tour’s Mission is to present a competitive environment, as well as an affordable one, for women golf professionals to use in developing or re-developing their game in preparation for competing on the Symetra and LPGA tours.  Elite amateur women players are also invited to play for the experience and exposure to professional play.  







I can’t thank Mike Brown, the Sundance Golf Club and the players enough for making it a terrific experience!!! 

The Event was a 3-day tournament full of very talented players! The field consisted of young players (all of which were younger than my nephews!) who recently finished playing 4 yrs of college golf, are on their way to play college golf, competed in the LPGA Qualifying school or have played on the Symetra Tour – each with dreams of playing on the LPGA Tour. 

I of course, finished last in the Standings, but possibly first in Learning. 

My objectives were:

Objective Result
  1. Learn where my game is at in terms of strengths & weaknesses  

Putting, chipping and getting up & down were strengths.  3 rounds without a 3 putt – YAY!!

My weaknesses were in the long game – partly focus, partly equipment, partly lack of practice

 2. Learn what the ‘good players’ do in tournaments     They stick to their routine, they swing in balance, they never give up
 3. Stay positive no matter the outcome   Golf is a game and it was a privilege to PLAY!
 4. Keep my scores under 90     My scores were 80, 87, 85









What I learned….

  • Tournament golf is more physical, mental and emotional than a casual round. I need to practice my Think Box/Play Box (from Vision54) so that I can better commit to each shot.
  • Good players miss shots too, but how they recover is what sets them apart.
  • Tracking my misses identified two clubs in my bag that cost me 3 – 4 strokes per round.  I will be changing my equipment to improve this.
  • My caddie took care of many important details (verifying yardage, cleaning my ball, keeping the clubs clean, managing the flagstick & more) and provided valuable support & encouragement.  Feeling like a team made the whole experience better.
  • I have a lot of work to do before 2019, but believe it’s possible!

What’s Next….

Make some equipment changes, develop a Practice plan and enter another event!!!!!